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We now offer a leash for every pet owner, whether the dog is small but mighty, medium and energetic or large and powerful, The GripperŪ now has a leash that will work every one.

3/8" available in 4' or our most popular 6' length in your choice of Red, Black or our new Pink!

Length :
Color :

5/8" is also available in 4' or 6' lengths in your choice of 5 colors (Black, Red, Green, Purple or Pink)


The Classic Light
For your small but mighty and medium size dog!

The Classic Light leashes have our lighter weight, solid brass swivel snaps that are more suited to what we call "the small, but mighty" and medium sized dogs. These lighter, smaller snaps continue to maintain the strength and quality that professionals have come to expect from our original line of snaps.

The Classic Light line are made from the same high quality materials as our original leashes The GripperŪ Classics. These specialized  products have been used and trusted by Police, Military, Guide Dogs for The Blind, Search and Rescue and Professional competition handlers around the world for nearly 20 years. The GripperŪ leashes are a woven cotton/polyester blend of webbing that contain one row, two rows or four rows of rubberized stitching incorporated into the fabric. The rubberized stitching  runs  the entire length  of the leash and handle and continues on both sides. This amazing technology gives the handler a sure-grip with double their normal strength. This continuous rubber stitching through the webbing gives a solid grip anywhere the leash is held and in any weather condition.

The Classic Light leashes are available in 3/8" and 5/8" widths and 4' and 6' lengths. The 4' lengths come standard with an O-ring in the handle. The O-ring allows the leash to be connected to the snap making a continuous loop and then placed over the handlers head and under the opposite arm. This allows the handler to release the dog and still keep the leash with them and their hands free. The 4' length is commonly used by professional handlers for training dogs to stay dog close and also for the off lead portion of competitions. The 6' is our most popular length and is great for walking the dog and any other activities they may participate in.

SNAPS  SNAPS  and more SNAPS...
Our new lighter weight, solid brass swivel snaps are more suited for these incredable new leashes.
For your 3/8" you have your choice of our Classic Light Brass, Heavy Duty Chromed Brass or Heavy Duty Brass.  For your 5/8" you have your choice of our Chrome Plated Brass, Solid Brass, *Stainless Steel or Classic Light Brass 
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*Stainless Steel is an additioanl $5


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